Composed in 2021
Viola solo
8 minutes

Program Notes

Commissioned by and dedicated to Ellen Ruth Rose. The word katakana means « fragmentary kana »- kana means words, it is a set of written symbols that represents the syllables which make up words. These symbols are characterized by short, straight strokes and sharp corners in the Japanese writing system. This solo viola composition utilizes a graphical notation in which strokes and drawings represent sounds and timbres. In the same way the word katakana expresses fragmentary words, this piece articulates fleeting and fluctuating sonic states of musical expression and noise- the juncture when pitches and noise intersect to create a rich and distinct world, unique to the solo instrument performing at that moment.

The images in the score were created with a custom digital software called Ocular Scores. The images are generated from the interpretation of data extracted from the analysis of complex sound. In this score, the images were created from sound files that are very similar to the sound I am proposing to the soloist. The images are a direct visual representation of certain textures which will hopefully inspire and guide the performer. The timeline is a suggestion and should be interpreted freely, following the flow of the performer’s interpretation.


To be premiered in winter 2022

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