Composed in 2022
For three improvisors
15 minutes

Program Notes

Written for live visual score – projected into the performance space – and three musicians, Pandemonium utilizes Ocular Scores® for its ability to draw an image from the analysis of complex sounds. In this case, a white image is projected to serve as a graphical score. This image is generated by the live processing of a sound file that you will not hear in the performance space, but that you will be able to visually experience as musical notation.

Musicians receive simple yet specific cues from their iPads that they can easily track in tandem with following the large projection. Cues are expressed in full color-coded pages: black refers to silence, white calls for the performer to interpret the projected white score, blue asks that the performer takes the role of an accompanist to the main material, and red serves as a wildcard for the musician to freely play as a soloist. The audience will observe a white projected score, while simultaneously experiencing the edge of a sonic “Pandemonium” without ever touching it. In essence, the musicians carefully guide the audience in and out of traditional concepts such as soloist playing, imitating, and accompanying in a completely novel way.

This work was composed specifically for Ensemble TriOcular +, an ensemble comprising of bass clarinetist Lori Freedman, clarinetist François Houle, and violist and vocalist Charlotte Hug. The trio has premiered Pandemonium in November 2022, in Montréal, Québec.