I am very grateful for the funding I have received for this project and I am particularly excited to be given the opportunity to work on a project of that scope over several years with amazing collaborators.

Major Funder

Canada Council for the Arts

This project has been made possible through a generous multiyear “Explore and Create” grant from the Canada Council for the Arts. This grant was awarded in September 2017 and terminates in March 2020.


MatraLab Concordia University

Two-year residency for the Live Structures Project with access to space and technical assistance.


Center for New Music and Audio Technologies at the University of Berkeley.

Banff Center for the Arts and Creativity

Two-weeks residency in April 2018 with access to space, equipment and technical assistance.

Take action

This project will continue to thrive and the goals we have are ambitious. We are already scheduling performances in the Bay Area, New York City, Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver and many other cities.

If like me, you see the potential of this project, I invite you to participate and contribute. Your private donation is tax deductible, thanks to a membership at Intersection for the Arts based in San Francisco.

Your donation will be acknowledged on this website and on all other Live Structures documentation.