Flocking Description

Flock to Music is being developed in collaboration with Jeff Ens under the supervision of Philippe Pasquier at Metacreation Lab, SIAT, Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, BC, Canada.

General Approach

The Flock to Music Tool is designed in two parts: the behavior of the boids, which creates a “composition,” and the interpretation of data into musical parameters.


This 2-D model of a flock of birds gives the composer the ability to choose the number of boids (the point where they start and end on the x-axis and y-axis), the duration of the composition or a part of a larger composition, and the frame rate along with fifteen other flocking parameters that are directly related to the way birds react to each other while in flight.

Data Interpretation

This tool gives the composer the opportunity to choose how the data from the x-axis and y-axis will be musically interpreted. We have the choice of using eight channels or two channels of output. In the image above, we are looking at the eight-channel option.

I will make more specific videos of how this tool works in the very near future.

Above is an image of some of the parameters available