Program Notes

“Gaggle” is another way of utilizing Ocular Scores Version 3×2, where the graphic scores that are projected for the musicians to interpret are created from a sound file that is also accompanying the musicians.
In “Gaggle,” the composer is using a stereo sound file that was created from pre-recorded sounds of the two musicians from a previous project. The composer created two different mono sound files, and each musician performs the visual score that is created from one specific mono sound file. The score is created following a set of presets that are being launched at specific moments during the piece.


Premiere of “Gaggle”

with Kyle Bruckmann and Jacob Felix Heule
at CNMAT, UC Berkeley,
April 10, 2019

Performance “Gaggle”

with Kyle Bruckmann and Jacob Felix Heule
at University of the Pacific

Gaggle Excerpt of the Visual Score